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About Me

I’ve been there & I’ve done that! Here’s my story & how it benefits you.

My Blog

The Journey to Awakening blog is coming soon! Playful new perspectives to approach life served up monthly.

Play with Me

Come on in to learn how we can work playfully together to awaken you to your own inner wisdom!

let’s play together

You are here because you are ready to find answers within yourself.  After years of trial and error… following recommendations from family, friends, spiritual, health and wellness gurus… Is now the time to listen to your own sacred voice?  Get ready to rediscover enthusiasm for your life and the Wonder-Full adventures that it offers.

I invite you to engage with wonder in a synergy of Body/Mind/Spirit where all potential is discoverable.  As your enthusiastic partner we will co-create an experience of body-centred mindfulness and play where genius creativity flows with ease.

Let’s play together… Choose your own adventure:

  • Inner Wisdom Coaching
  • Whole Foods Fun in the Kitchen
  • Insight Oracle Readings
  • Quick Insight
  • Energy Body

Using simple, fun consciousness tools you will gain a new perspective on your challenges quickly and easily.   Together we will unravel those places that feel blocked, tangled and exhausted.

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